The Sexiest PHOTOs Of Bobby East's Ex Girl Friend Expozed

Posted: 2017-05-14T12:30:00Z -25,453 People Read This

Zambian Artist Ruth Ronnie Carter

There are those of us who will never shake our lust for some of this country’s sexy babes. Even though, we are aware that these babes are already off the single wagon, we still yearn and pray to have them for atleast once.

For those, that have been following city socialite / fading musician Ruth Ronnie Carter, you will agree with us that, this ex girl friend to rapper Bobby East has started putting on weight, a thing that has left many thirsty Lusaka men panting and salivating like tired dogs. See Photos Below.

I can't remember the last time I saw a woman fit a piece of swim wear so well. Or maybe it's the reverse. And I am a man who sees a lot of women in a lot of revealing swimsuits (to be honest it’s my hobby). Ruth Ronnie Carter, if you ever need a man to work the massage across your body or turn the upward facing fan on your hair during shoots, or even just in your downtime around the dressing room, please remember that I work pro boner, err, pro bono.

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