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Here's Why Hot FM's "Patience Chisanga" Is Not Yet Married

Posted: 2017-05-13T18:26:40Z -7,133 People Read This

Hot FM Zambia's Patience Chisanga

Sources close to sexy Patience Chisanga have revealed to what takes to date the Hot FM presenter who once worked with Muvi TV.

Many Lusaka men have claimed to have dated Patience Chisanga but no one has ever brought evidence on the table to prove the allegations. We have been reliably informed that one needs to have a fat bank account to date Patience Chisanga, however, her workmates at Hot FM don’t believe such an allegation.

They say Patience Chisanga is a down to earth beautiful and hard-working woman who lives a simple humble life. Now that she inspires so many young girls of this Nshima Republic, therefore her media status intimidates most men and that’s why they think sucks of money can lure her. She drives a simple car and she acquired that car long time ago, a sign that shows Patience Chisanga is not a materialistic woman. She just loves certain standards” a female workmate told

Like any other confident woman, Patience Chisanga loves expensive things and she started earning while she was still young, a thing that proves that money is not her mission if she was to settle down with some of the horny men in this poor Zambia.

A year back, a Lusaka radio presenter assured his friends while in a night club that he sold his car to date Patience Chisanga. has since found out that, the nigga was just showing off in the presence of his friends.

So to you all men out there who thought that women of class only need your hard earned Kwachas, take it from us that, some of these Lusaka smart ladies only want a man who’s confident of himself.

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