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Here's The List Of Zambia's Finest TOP Radio DJs 2017

Posted: 2017-04-18T15:40:00Z -7,834 People Read This

The Best Zambian Radio DJs

We all have a favourite playlist, maybe not all of us, on that playlist we at least have a favourite musician, and for every musician we have a song or two that we fancy most, even if you don’t like the musician.

Well there is a person missing in the picture, the person who delivers this song/musician to you. Unless you are a music search engine (you know it all and have it before it hits the market), the rest of us rely on a certain person to help us update our playlists.

(S)he plays the song for us to listen, if you like it you then rush to websites like to download it or tickle a couple of friends on whatsapp to send it to you and boom! Your playlist has been updated. In this case, it’s the DeeJay (DJ) who makes that happen.

In this era of self-praise, sought out the opinion of experts, who share their opinion. From technical ability, creativity, originality, crowd response, showmanship and loyalty, we tasked the experts to break it down mentioning the top radio DJs in Zambia. Starting with number.....

(4)DJ Nyuri aka The Definition Of Music

DJ Nyuri is one of the fastest rising DJs in Zambia. Nyuri is not just another local radio presenter that you cherish everyday. The 27 year old calm spoken DJ is a presenter on 94.5 Metro FM. Experts that understand and rate radio shows in Zambia have told this website that DJ Nyuri’s career has grown so fast simply because he has chosen to strictly build a fan base that loves and feels Zambian music hence coming in number 4 on this list.

(3) Showstar aka The DJ”

Apparently, the whole Lusaka city is yearning to have a chance of dinning with DJ Showstar. The no-nosense award winning DJ has become a darling to all city babes including your girl friend. Experts have told that ever since Showstar left Hone Fm and joined QFM / QTV, he has wooed listeners from every part of the country due to his controversial shows both on radio and TV. Though he enjoys a lot of East & West African music, Showstar has remained faithful to playing and promoting 70% Zambian music. One of his workmates at QTV has whispered to this website that ever since Showstar joined QTV, its viewer-ship has gone high by 17%. Having made himself a name in Zambia, Showstar has now become the most searched Zambian DJ online. You think it’s a lie, go to google and you will thank us later. DJ Showstar’s new show called Hi5 has turned out to be the biggest entertainment local program in and outside Zambia.

(2) Caristo Clear aka Mr Lip-Pose.

After making himself a name, the baby-face radio presenter at QFM has now become a brand in and around Zambia, thanks to his innovation of the lip-pose. He may have the biggest number of enemies or haters, but fact remains, Caristo’s show is still the biggest evening drive show on radio across Zambia. Caristo takes our number 2 spot reason being that, he plays 90% Zambian music. He’s one radio DJ who premiers latest Zambian songs even before they reach any website. Apparently, Caristo has the biggest fanbase amongst all male radio DJs in Zambia not because of his father’s legacy, but because he has mastered the art of radio and entertainment in Zambia.

(1) DJ KingSuli aka The King Of Zambian Music

Also known as Kasuli, the former Power FM DJ has proved to every Zambian that he’s loyal to local music. When he was still working with Power FM in Lusaka, even his fellow radio presenters would tune into his show just to copy his skills. Little did they know that Kasuli is a creative radio personality.

Research has proved that, Kasuli is the only radio DJ / Presenter who starts a show and ends it with strictly Zambian songs. His competitors in the game have even named him The King Of Zambian Music. This Nigga is toooooooo loyal to Zambian music, a Kopala artist said so.

DJ Kasuli, who now works with Sun FM has changed the art of evening drive shows on radio more so on the copperbelt region. Apparently, everyone on the copperbelt soil will pause what they’re doing just to listen to Kasuli when he’s behind the mic. Kasuli’s winning formula is “Loko is Laka and this is why all the people we asked chose him as the number one radio DJ in Zambia.

Next week, we will bring you the top radio female DJs in Zambia. For now, Click Here To Download Some New Music

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