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Here's Why Macky 2's Concert In Australia Was A Total Flop

Posted: 2017-04-17T06:20:00Z -11,342 People Read This

Macky 2 Zambian Musician

ZAMBIA’s biggest rapper Mark Kaira Mulaza famously known as Macky 2 left Zambia for Australia a few days ago excited to see his Zambian fans turn up for his show in big numbers; little did he know that a tragedy was waiting to befall him.

The HipHop superstar also referred to as “the dopest n freshest name in the game” had been brought in by Xavi Jones, under his Xavi Entertainment Company, but what happened on the day left many shocked.

The concert, which was supposed to start at 6pm, kicked off at about 9pm with almost an empty venue to welcome the Zambian celebrity. The event was Macky2’s first time in Perth Australia.

Apparently the show started when there few people scattered in the hall and the numbers were increasing at a decreasing rate as the show went on. Macky’2’s visit to Australia came on the heels of Mampi’s sold out concert in the country back in April 2015.

Some Perth based Zambians on social media complained bitterly of lack of proper promotion for the concert which led to an all time low of less than 99 attendees. Hellen Mutale who attended the show has revealed to this website that the show was a flop due to poor organization and characterized with weak advertising strategies.

However, an alternative source told that the main cause that successfully led to the flop of the concert was due to the fact that the organizers did not confirm to the people that Macky2’s visa was out. Also the organisers undermined the power and potential of some Zambian artists who are based in Australia by not adding them on the list of opening acts forgetting that they also have a fanbase within the Zambian community in Australia.

On contrary, our snoops in Australia have confirmed to us that Macky2 might shut down Melbourne city on 22nd April 2017 because according to the number of pre-sold tickets, the turn up is expected to be bigger than that of Perth. We advise Zambians in the diaspora to always come in big numbers to support our very own Zambian entertainers.

See Photos & Video Of Macky2 Performing in Perth

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