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UK Based Zambian RnB Singer "Prido" Releases New Video

Posted: 2017-03-19T10:40:00Z -3,195 People Read This

UK Based Zambian Artist Prido Take Time Video

Last year (2016), we saw singer Prido discharge one of the greatest RnB tunes that Zambia has seen for quite a while. A solitary and music video titled “Nicotine”. It went ahead to break social media in Zambia, infiltrate the autos, offer singles and it was presumably your bae’s ringtone for no less than 3 weeks towards the end of 2016.

Prido, a Zambian artist based in Manchester UK is plainly wanting to reproduce that sort of accomplishment subsequent to declaring the name of his new single: “Take Time”. The soft spoken RnB artist has likewise released a music video for the track “Take Time” and it’s similarly as cool as his 2016 hit single.

Download Prido’s Video Here or Watch It Below

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