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TRUTH: This Is What Video Vixens In Zambia Go Through

Posted: 2017-03-18T06:53:20Z -13,335 People Read This

Untold Facts & Reality Of Video Vixens In Zambia

Video models, eye candy, or video vixens… Call them what you will, but these are the ladies who demanded your attention in your favourite Zambian music videos for ages. They're the beautiful, slim, busty, bootylicious ladies shaking their money-makers in music videos from the biggest to the smallest artists in Zambia. These Video Vixens go through hell during Video shoots. They are pressured to do anything possible to make the musician’s video look great. They are made to do so many crazy things and are paid less in the end. Sometimes these vixens are so excited and end up being used. Here are things some of them go though.

Un-protected Sex In The Car team attended on video shoot of a Copperbelt top musician. It happened late in the evening and it ended in the night. Some good looking girls were invited to be part of the video shoot. The girls were excited to be part of the project that involved a big musician. They wiggled their booty and did crazy things. In the middle of the shoot, the musician got tired and decided to rest in the car. He told his boys to go with him to his car that was packed a few metres from the scene. In a brink of an eye, one of the beautiful girls was seen entering the car. Few minutes later, noise was heard coming from the car.  When the video director called everyone to continue shooting, she came out of the car and she couldn’t continue dancing on the shoot. This games goes on and on.

Vixens Are Used, Dumped And Under Paid
After sex, they are just dumped. The girls are too naïve to complain. They are promised air. Musicians promise them a better future when the song becomes a hit and these girls blindly believe them. A video vixen called Camilah who has featured in most video by Lusaka based artists narrated to that Zambian artists have always promised to pay her for all her expenses including transport and outfits, but all in vain. After the video shoot, artists don’t answer their phones when she calls demanding for her money. Click Here To Subscribe For Hot Videos

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