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CONFIRMED !!! We FUCK Groupies, Says Zambian Rapper TiyeP

Posted: 2017-01-08T18:26:40Z -8,885 People Read This

Zambian Rapper Tiye P Says Zambian Rappers Fuck Groupies

JUST incase you din’t know, then, its high time you got it from that rapper Jonathan Nyirenda aka TiyeP is the bravest, realest and most open artist in Zambia. The no nosense rapper who doesn’t entertain any kind of bullshit will not only leave you wondering what he meant in any of his songs but also make you ask yourself why he’s so plucky.

And now, for you who missed his interview on one of the local radio stations in Zambia, today we’re rewinding it for you to know what rappers do when it comes to the so called groupies.

In his voice, Tiye P, the Unajalia hit maker assured us that all rappers in and outside Zambia surely Fuck groupies. Any rapper will deny this, but truth be said, we Zambian rappers fuck those groupies and so do all motherfuckers, "said Tiye P"

Listen To Tiye P's Voice Note

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