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No Zambian Artist Will Ever Taste My Juicy Punani "Says Lusaka Model"

Posted: 2016-03-26T14:31:07Z -49,131 People Read This

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If you have been so kin watching videos of some of Zambia’s established artists, then you must have noticed this beautiful babe that has featured in over 6 music videos especially those videos that were released in 2015. It was so hard for www.ZambianMusic.Net to find out her real names but at last we managed. The 25 year old Lusaka city model is a product of the North-Western part of Zambia in Solwezi. One of our reporters (@DropaChisenga) accidentally found her at Intercontinental swimming pool with her friends chilling. We think her real name is Brenda because her friends always called her by that same name. To some point, one of her friends told her “Iwe Banda, get real, that ka-man is fake”. Now this made us guess that her name is Brenda Banda, but we can’t authenticate this.

Let’s not bore you, back to the point, while at the swimming pool side, these girls kept their conversation on men. Amidst the chit-chat, one of the girls asked Brenda that “Is that artist (name with held for privacy) dating you?” ahahahahahaha Brenda laughed out loud and in her response, she defended herself saying “I swear, none of those local artists here in Zambia will ever get to see the pussy” I know some artists want to F***CK me but hey that’s a big Nooooo. I have been in their videos but no one will ever taste the juice in between my thighs, Brenda added.

After a few minutes, the girls went back to the swimming pool but keep locked to www.ZambianMusic.Net as we are yet to find out a lot about this pretty Lusaka babe. Actually, if you know more interesting information about Brenda, send us a whatsApp text via +260979974400. Click to see more of her shocking pictures.

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